Five bogies of freight train derail in Sukkur

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freight train derail sukkur

KARACHI: Five wagons of a freight train derailed near Rohri railway station in Sukkur on Wednesday, ARY News reported, citing well-informed sources.

The derailment of the freight train wagons caused the suspension of rail traffic as the down track remains blocked. The freight train was coming to Karachi from Sukkur.

As per initial reports, no human loss has been reported in the incident. The railway administration rushed to the derailment site and started work for clearance of up track.

Earlier in November, eight wagons of a freight train carrying coal from Karachi to Daud Khel had derailed near Pipelan railway station

The wagons of the coal train had derailed due to the dilapidated condition of the railway tracks.

A heavy crane along with crew departed from Kundian Junction had been sent to move the derailed wagons. Due to the derailment incident, the rail traffic had remained suspended on both up and down tracks of the Kundian-Multan section for hours.


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