Malir murders: Police decide to register case against Fawad

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Malir Murders

KARACHI: Police have decided to register a case against wounded man named, Fawad – the prime suspect in the Malir’s Shamsi Society brutal murders, ARY News reported.

The man allegedly stabbed his wife and three daughters to death in Malir’s Shamsi Society and got seriously injured while trying to end his life.

Police said they will make the brother of the deceased woman, the applicant in the murder case against Fawad, but if not, the case will be lodged on the state’s complaint.

According to Fawad’s confessional statement, he was also running a trading business with the collaboration of some investors besides doing a job in which he faced losses, whereas, he and his wife usually fights at home. Fawad said that he was totally fed up with his life.

“I was already in depression due to the losses and demands of investors of giving back their money.”

Due to the pressure of investors and the continuous ‘misbehavior’ of my wife, I decided to kill my family and myself, Fawad said.


Detailing the brutal murders, Fawad said first he slit the throat of his elder daughter and then killed his wife. Later, he went to the second room where he murdered his two daughters, who were sleeping.

Fawad said after killing the daughters, he sent their pictures to his investors, who were continuously pushing him for their money, he added.

The man further said he later, slit his own throat using the same knife.

Injured Fawad said, Muzzamil, Faisal, Noman Bhai, Maqbool Elahi, Hamid Nawaz and Riyaz were his investors, who were ‘pushing’ him for their money after losses.

The incident

It may be noted a man namely Fawad gruesomely murdered his wife and three daughters in Malir’s Shamsi Society after locking up the upper floor of the house. The slain persons included Fawad’s wife Huma, 10-year-old Samra, 12-year-old Fatima and 16-year-old Neha.

After murdering the family members, Fawad tried to end his life as well.


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