Optical illusion: Can you spot the snake in 19 seconds?

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In this optical illusion challenge, only 3% of people can spot the snake in 19 seconds. Are you up for this challenge?

Recently, the internet has been flooded with several mind-boggling optical illusion challenges that are exciting and refreshing your mind.

These optical illusions can be in picture or puzzle form but regardless of what kind of challenge it is, sometimes it takes hours to solve an optical illusion challenge.

In this optical illusion challenge, there is an image of the forest where you have to spot a snake in less than 19 seconds.

A giant tree is in between the lush green forest and a snake is hiding somewhere in the roots. The colour of the snake and its roots are same which makes it difficult for the viewers.

A hint may help you find the snake. if you look at the right bottom of the image closely you may spot a dark brown snake spiralled across a tree branch.

Here is zoomed and clear image of snake.


Earlier, an optical illusion in which you have to spot a hidden lantern in 10 seconds is making rounds on the internet.

The optical illusion, which was posted on social media platform Pinterest, showed a watchman holding a stick on a street in the dead of night except that the lantern is hidden.

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