Take residence in this town and get £30,000

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Normally people pay to get residence but a scenic Italian village has now come up with a unique offer! It will pay you an exorbitant amount for taking residence there. 

The beautiful town of Presicce, which is located in the sunny region of Puglia in southern Italy. The offer is being given to attract visitors to the dilapidated town and allow them to experience Italy like never before and helping boost these small, run-down towns.

According to media reports, the town officials stated that they will pay people upto EUR 30,000 (Approx $30k), to buy an empty house and move in there.

Even better, the houses up for sale as part of the deal are priced from around 25,000 euros. Like other cheap properties on sale across Italy, they’ve been long abandoned by their original owners.

And as an added bonus, the location is incredible, surrounded by the nature of the Salento area in the heel of Italy’s boot and close to the powder beaches and turquoise clear waters of Santa Maria di Leuca.

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