Venezuelans - other refugees face huge pandemic hardships

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People are still fleeing their countries to seek refuge, to seek protection. This needs to be considered,” he added.

Taking his appeal for government action to the U.N. Security Council by video conference on Thursday, Grandi said COVID-19 was becoming a “risk multiplier” on top of existing drivers like conflict, climate change, political upheaval and uprisings.

Grandi suggested a U.N. call for a global cease-fire in conflict areas during the pandemic had gone unheeded, and urged the Security Council to work to resolve conflicts that often spur displacement.

“Since that call for a global cease-fire there’s been new internal displacement in 19 countries,” he said. “In the last two months, we have seen the growth of 700,000 internally displaced people globally.”

The impact could also be stark for 3.7 million Venezuelans abroad, the world’s second-largest refugee group after the 6.6 million Syrians displaced by their country’s war.

The Americas right now have become the world’s epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

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