Police arrest 14 Afghan immigrants over illegal entry in Karachi

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illegal immigrants

KARACHI: Karachi police on Thursday booked 14 Afghan nationals for illegally residing in the city, ARY News reported.

According to details, district Central police carried out a late night operation and arrested 14 Afghan immigrants who were illegally residing in Karachi.

The Afghan nationals failed to show their Pakistani citizenship and relevant travel documents, police said.

Police have registered cases against the immigrants under the foreigners’ act and handed over arrested men to the investigating authorities.

In a statement, police said the crackdown against such foreign nationals would continue across the metropolis.

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Earlier on November 11, Sindh Rangers and police in their joint action rounded up 122 illegal immigrants, who were attempting to enter Sindh from Balochistan.

According to Sindh Rangers spokesperson, the personnel of the paramilitary forces and police searched the passenger bus in a routine practice wherein they encountered the 122 suspects who, Rangers and police claimed, were Afghan citizens having illegally penetrated into Pakistan.

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