Three including a woman killed over honour in Jaffarabad

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jaffarabad three killed honour

JAFFARABAD: Three including a woman killed over honour in Jaffarabad, Balochistan on Monday, ARY News reported, quoting police, ARY News reported. 

As per details, the triple killing took place in Dera Allahyar in Jaffarabad, where unidentified men opened fire, killing three people including a woman on the spot.

The firing also injured another woman. The bodies and injured female were moved to the hospital, where the unidentified armed men tried to kill the injured girl.

However, the hospital staff saved the injured woman and later upon being informed the police reached the spot to control the situation.

Earlier, a man allegedly killed his sister in the name of honor after she came to live with her parents following a dispute with her husband.

According to the police, the accused Liaquat killed his sister by choking her with bear hands after he took her out of their parents’ house ‘to drop her off to husband’.

The deceased Jutti Bibi had an altercation with her husband, police had said, following which she left her home and arrived at her parents’.

Liaquat had actually told his family he’s taking Jutti Bibi to drop her at her house but when she disappeared and didn’t show up, the family contacted police.


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